Yubo App Embraces Gen Z Values

Yubo is a social commerce platform that caters to Gen Z shoppers, who value authenticity as much as affordability and accessibility. As this generation continues to grow, brands will be forced to adapt and cater to customers’ values. Support causes that align with the voices of Gen Z. Yubo know what it means to be Gen Z. Yubo mission is to empower Gen Z by helping them find their passion and providing them with the resources they need to get there. They’re focused on making the right product but realize that at the end of the day, it’s not just about solving one problem – it’s about making a mass-market impact. As consumers, we all have a set of beliefs and personal preferences that shape the brands we support. Millennials, for example, are driven by values such as sustainability and social responsibility.

With a surge in environmentally conscious consumers, companies can benefit by providing sustainable options — helping them garner new customers while positively contributing to the world. While baby boomers seek out products and services with tremendous value, youth today look for affordability and accessibility. The demographics are in, and they show that the future belongs to Gen Z, are those born between the years 1995 and 2010. Gen Z is also the first group to put social change ahead of savings. They are often willing to spend more to support a cause that they believe in. Along these lines, they tend to support tech companies that align with their values. Gen Z is socially-conscious consumers that look to support brands that align with their values. As a result, they’re the first generation to value social impact above price tags and brand prestige. By implementing messaging that resonates with customers’ values, businesses can increase sales, build relationships and drive more revenue.

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