The Story Of Andrew Frame

When it comes to security matters, a lot is usually at stake. Due diligence must be conducted before venturing into this critical subject that touches on individuals’ lives. Security is an essential component for all citizens. Many countries spend a lot of money to provide security services to their population. Many investors have seen the possibility to provide security services.

Andrew Frame is one such person who saw an opportunity and seized it. Andrew Frame is a serial entrepreneur and software program expert. His experience has enabled him to develop a consumer-based application that is widely used to assist folks worldwide. The concept of a digital application in which individuals may report live events of crime occurring in their neighborhood arose.

Mobile devices and other smart devices are used to access the application. Andrew Frame grew up in Las Vegas and has always been tech-savvy. He dropped out of school in his teenage years. At that tender age, he joined a network infrastructure company and was actively involved in networking and Information Technology aspects such as network architecture.

The Citizen App CEO saw the need to get a certification, later proceeding to different roles at various companies before settling down to venture into his company that has received global recognition. The self-made entrepreneur has been nominated among a handful of other techpreneurs who shape the world’s digital future. The entrepreneur encourages people to learn and discover new hobbies.

Andrew Frame is of the school of thought that recruiting individuals better than him is the best way to bring his ideas to reality. Furthermore, he is brilliant in obtaining ideas that align with the company’s objective. As a result, it generates ideas that can move the organization and application forward. Accepting criticism and working on it is one method that has helped the firm grow.

The organization would typically invite different users to learn how to use the application. Once they have gathered the data, they will improve specific aspects of the program. The program has been critical in providing users with real-time security information hence reducing crimes. Refer to this article for more information.


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