Former Johnson Controls CEO Alex A Molinaroli Remains Active in Retirement

Alex A Molinaroli was once a high-profile CEO with Johnson Controls. His role with the company helped lead a merger with Tyco International. He was also responsible for taking Johnson Controls from being an automotive supplier and transformed the company into a top-tier industrial company. If these actions were not enough, Alex A Molinaroli was also responsible for the improvement of the capital allocation process at Johnson Controls. Alex A Molinaroli originally joined the company in the year of 1983.

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During his time with Johnson Controls, Alex A Molinaroli spent his time developing many strong relationships with many very smart business people. Molinaroli does not believe in gathering powerful information from the news, because in general, the news is late with the important information. This doesn’t mean Molinaroli never turns on the tv, rather, each morning he will turn on CNBC to listen to the financial market news, while he enjoys a hot cup of coffee. Political channels can be a bit much for Molinaroli, so he chooses to watch CNBC because it is information through a financial lens overall. Plus, Molinaroli, knows many of the faces that show up on CNBC, from his years of working. The relationships he has developed are his go-to sources of information on business sector shifts and changes.

Molinaroli has traveled across the globe many times during his years as a business person. Through these different cultural experiences, he grew to understand there is no single way of doing business, rather, there are many different ways to do business and each is different.

Molinaroli does have a Twitter account and he has garnered over 10,000 followers. On his LinkedIn account, he has over 70,000 followers. Although he was more active on social media in the past, he is known to post now and then.