David Black BAM

As the managing director, David Black is a financial advisor and works with Balyasny Asset Management in the business development sector. BAM was founded in 2001 and has grown to be a leading advisor on multi-strategy investments. For the two decades BAM has been business, it has coined a name for itself worldwide due to its top-notch performance in the finance industry, becoming an industry leader. It has grown into a household name for investors seeking to invest in different sectors under finance, such as equity and macro-investing.
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Balyasny’s primary focus is to develop a leading macro-business. In its multi-strategy advisory on investments, BAM has focused on five strategies. These are macro, long and short equities, event and credit, growth equity, and equities arbitrage. It has built a culture of development, transparency, and accountability attributed to its success in the financial advice sector. Collaboration with similar team-oriented global entities is a core goal that Balyasny has incorporated to achieve valuable insights to help the company achieve its mandate.

Balyasny is performance-driven, believing in achieving its goals through good performance. When advising a client, Balyasny looks at all factors that are likely to affect the investment, considering any available opportunities in the market. The factors Balyasny considers are governance, management alignment, economic impact, financial performance, company culture, environmental risk, and operations.

Balyasny has a total of 120 investment teams and 14 partners. Its development plan for the next 20 years sets to prioritize pushing its smaller strategies into world-class levels by expanding its investment in the stock unit. In its focus on developing a micro-business, the company wants to invest in non-investing divisions such as technology, business development, data, risk management, and infrastructure. The company also seeks to create a non-political and collaborative working environment to ensure its employees are more productive and enjoy a conducive working environment.