Citizen App Introduces New Technology

The Citizen App, which was originally introduced in the year 2016, began as an app that could listen in to police scanners to find out situations in real-time. Users of the Citizen App also have played a role in the reporting of incidents and situations in a given area.

Recently, the Citizen App has introduced major updates to the app, which truly makes the app work much better for all who use it. With the introduction of Citizen employees, users now have a real person on the other end of the line who can help the user in any given situation. Users may find themselves in a tense situation or a medical incident, and this is the perfect instance to reach out to a Citizen App employee for help.

Once contacted, the Citizen App employee can help the user in many ways. The employee can either call 911, contact individuals on the user’s emergency contact list, send an alert to all app users, or even contact a Protect Agent, who works directly for the application. The Protect Agent is the newest option available to the users of the application.

These Protect Agents are making a very positive impact on app users. The Protect Agents are all past first responders and police officers. Even with this experience, Citizen App puts all agents through a four-week course of training. The training involves learning how to handle situations of any kind. The introduction of this new feature truly makes the application a two-way street. Go to this page for more information.

When a situation arises, the Citizen employee will dispatch Protect Agents to the user’s distress area. The application, which was originally given the name Vigilante, is now available to all users of the app and ready for download exclusively on iOS devices. The Protect feature costs just under $20 a month.


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