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 Mahmoud Khattab Highlights Precision M.D.’s Establishment from Scratch; Contemporary Elk Grove Location

Precision M.D. is a cosmetic surgery clinic in the Golden State. The practice has employed about 20 people, and... Read More
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Bobby Kotick: How He Created a Multi-Billion Dollar Video Game Empire

Along with diversification, Kotick also mentioned the possibility of cross-pollination between the Activision and Blizzard brands. He stated that... Read More
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Miki Agrawal, CEO of Tushy Products

When it comes to reshaping and changing the world, Miki Agrawal knows to participate. Even though bringing the changes... Read More
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 Du Shuanghua: The Chinese Billionaire Who Sold Rhizao Steel in 2010

In 2010, Du Shuanghua made headlines when he sold Rhizao Steel for $5.4 billion. It was the largest ever... Read More
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 Former Johnson Controls CEO Alex A Molinaroli Remains Active in Retirement

Alex A Molinaroli was once a high-profile CEO with Johnson Controls. His role with the company helped lead a... Read More
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Frances Townsend has a Long and Impressive Resume

Frances Townsend Stops Terrorist Attack Frances Townsend has a long and impressive resume. Currently, she serves as Activision Blizzard’s... Read More
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David Black BAM

As the managing director, David Black is a financial advisor and works with Balyasny Asset Management in the business... Read More
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Why Greg Blatt is Encouraging Businesses to Use Defined Management Structures

According to Greg Blatt, the majority of the organizations in the market today operate without known or defined management... Read More