ZeroAvia and Hydrogen Cell Order

ZeroAvia has been at the forefront in developing hydrogen-powered airplanes. The aviation industry has been polluting the environment due to carbon emissions. To reduce carbon emissions, the company came up with a strategy to introduce hydrogen cell technology. The application of hydrogen cells at ZeroAvia aims at eliminating carbon emissions. They have been researching different prototypes as a way of replacing jet fuel in common planes. Recently, they ordered a hydrogen fuel cell from Hyson. The hydrogen cell they were looking for is lightweight and reliable in everyday use on airplanes. The move is aimed at making the planes sustainable. 


Hydrogen fuel cell order from Hyson

The hydrogen cell order aims to make it easy for the company to power planes using the hydrogen gen cell. Hydrogen burns to form water. There will be no air pollution after the introduction of the technology (Wikipedia). 


Even though there are several designs of hydrogen cells out there, they are not effective for use in airplanes due to weight issues. The use of the hydrogen cell can be a great way of improving the performance of the planes. 



Zero-emission aircraft

ZeroAvia is known for coming up with a technology that aims at reducing emissions from airplanes. When airplanes are powered by the hydrogen cell, they eliminate the stress of dealing with carbon emissions. According to experts at ZeroAvia, in most cases, carbon emission can lead to several side effects. The company aims at conserving the environment in the process. The aircrafts are welcomed by governments across Europe. 


High power density hydrogen cell 

The order from Hyzon aims to get a high-density hydrogen cell that can reduce the weight the plan has to bear. It is lightweight but can produce a lot of hydrogen to power the planes. Over recent years, ZeroAvia has been busy teasing different technologies to make the aviation industry clean and sustainable.