Why Tempus is Looking for Depression and Anxiety Treatments

Mental health is now a major healthcare problem that the world is looking to address. However, as it currently stands, there has not been a reliable healthcare solution that has been developed to help in addressing this healthcare issue that has been affecting most of the people out there in the world. This means that very many people will continue to suffer from mental health issues. Eric Lefkofsky has been observing the necessary efforts that have been incorporated by various healthcare authorities and organizations in looking for some of the essential ways through which mental problems among the world’s population can be addressed. 

There is no doubt that much needs to be done if the world is ready to eradicate the problem of mental health from the face of the earth. Successful businessman and investor Eric Lefkofsky is one of the researchers looking for a long lasting solution. The only solutions that seem to be currently addressing issues to do with depression and anxiety are anti-depressant medical drugs. These products are not very effective in ensuring that they are helping to address most of the healthcare problems that most people have been facing. 

Eric Lefkofsky notes that such products have only been used to help in reducing the impacts of mental health issues. However, Eric Lefkofsky is looking for a permanent solution that will be able to address the issue of mental health. Tempus has been looking for some of the necessary healthcare tests and innovations that will enable the organization to look for a reliable and permanent solution that will help in addressing the problem of depression and anxiety in the world.