Who Is Doe Deere And What Is Her Company All About

Doe Deere is a successful businesswoman who runs a well-known company. Read on to learn more about her and about the company she runs.

About Doe Deere
Deere is the owner of Lime Crime, and she grew up in New York City. However, she was born in Russia. She decided to start her business in 2008 after she had a hard time finding bright makeup that would match the clothes she was selling on eBay. Since then, her company has grown to be one of the most popular websites that sell makeup products and various other beauty products.

Deere also oversees the development of all her company’s products and she is known for creating products with her fans and customers in mind. In fact, she is known as a major influence in the beauty community. Furthermore, she is respected because she inspires other female entrepreneurs to live out their dreams. http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true

Her Company
As previously mentioned, Lime Crime is the name of Deere’s company. One of the things that make Lime Crime different from other companies that their products are cruelty-free. It has been that way since the company has started. Some of the products the company carries includes Unicorn lipstick, Perlees Matte lipstick and Velvetines. Other products the company sells includes liquid liners, super-foils and palettes. Those are only a few beauty products that Lime Crime sells.

Lime Crime’s products are available in various stores and it can be purchased online from the company’s website, as well as other sites such as Amazon and DollSkill. Other places you can buy Lime Crime beauty products include Urban Outfitters and Naimie’s Beauty Center. Lime Crime’s website is known for its sales and bundles. Not only that, but there is a section of the site that includes new products.

Doe Deere maintains a blog that can be found on her website, and this is where you can learn more about her. If you’re interested in purchasing beauty products from Lime Crime, then you can visit their website and place an order. Don’t forget, there are various stores that sell the products, so have a look at your nearest beauty retailer and see if they sell Lime Crime products.

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