Whitney Wolfe Brings Change to Dating App World with Bumble

Bumble is a dating app Whitney Wolfe dating app that people are taking interest in. It is an app that is different from any of the other dating applications for smart devices because it puts the woman in control. Females have the ability to make decisions on who they’re going to choose to communicate with. This can all be done within a 24-hour period and that may be the thing that really makes this app stand out from any of the others that are out there.

In order for an app like this to form Whitney Wolfe had to do research that was done prior to the creation of Bumble. The thing that has made this app stand out is the attention to time that is placed on the connection. Many of the other apps allow people to send messages, but there’s no guarantee that the other person on the other end will even see the message. Whitney Wolfe wanted to change that. Many people that do not check their messages on a regular basis will find that they have lots of messages that they are not even aware of. When people sign up for Bumble, however, they go in with the expectation that their messages will be viewed and considered within a 24-hour period. They know that they don’t have to hold on to any possibility if they have not been reached within the 24-hour time frame.

View Whitney Wolfe’s Forbes profile for more information.

Whitney Wolfe is the creator behind the innovative Bumble app. She has been able to create a dating app such as this because she is taking time to research the market. She knows about the trends because she already helped develop another successful dating app called Tinder. This is what led to her notoriety in the dating app industry. She is still young, and she was quite aware of the way that busy corporate people process the concept of dating. Whitney Wolfe was aware that a lot of people wanted to use apps, but she was also aware of the time frame in which these corporate executives had to experience relationships.

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