What CEO Bobby Kotick Has Helped His Company Do For Veterans

The Call Of Duty Endowment has partnered with Pilot Company to show support to veterans. This ran as a Veteran’s Day campaign. This was only a three-week-long event however they raised a record-breaking amount of money for veterans. They were able to raise one point seventy-five million dollars to help veterans in that time. The purpose of this non-profit is to help veterans find good jobs as civilians after they are out of the service. The way that Pilot was able to help with raising this money is when customers would check out, they would ask them if they would like to round up to the next dollar in order to help a worthy cause. The proof is in the numbers that this method worked. Not only did they set a new record, but they were able to triple what their original goal was! A little bit of background on The Call Of Duty Endowment is that it was created back in 2009 and Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick is the co-creator.

The nonprofit was created when learning that of the one hundred and fifty thousand veterans returning fifty thousand of them were unable to find good stable careers as a civilian. After they had done so much for their country. Bobby and his partner knew they had to do something. The pilot company is thrilled to have partnered with them because it allows them to recognize them along with support them, which is the least, we can do after their great service and sacrifices in order to keep us safe. Activision Blizzard fully supports The Call Of Duty Endowment and to do their part to help and give back to veterans they have gladly donated more than twenty-five million dollars to the Call Of Duty Endowment.

Original source to learn more: https://www.flickr.com/people/bobby-kotick/