Wengie’s Diet/Nutrition Routine Tips

Wengie’s video on YouTube discusses her tips on developing a diet and nutrition routine to help with those who are seeking to lose unwanted weight and to get in better overall shape while attaining better health. Wengie herself started losing weight about two years ago, she learned to develop better eating habits and through research having a general idea of how many calories a particular food might contain before eating it. This way one will have a better idea of which foods should be consumed and also particular foods that people should stay away from. Wengie says that she doesn’t count her calories daily but believes she consumes somewhere from 1,200 on a low calorie day and 1,500 on a high calorie day. Steps she has taken now include not eating large portions of food, while eating out at a restaurant she is likely to only eat half of the food and save the rest for another meal. According to her as people get older it is important to eat a lot less due to the fact of possibly not using nearly as much energy. As we get older our bodies metabolism isn’t as efficient as they once were when we were younger. During the morning Wengie talks about the importance of getting out of the house for a change of environment after waking up to start the day. She likes going to a cafĂ© in the morning and usually only eats half of what she orders to eat and might give the other half of it to he boyfriend. Wengie suggests eating heavier meals in the morning so that the body has the entire day to digest and burn it. She usually cooks dinner from home and reminds of the importance of portion control. She suggests foods such as soup in the evening because of it’s ability to help the body feel full while also eating vegetables because they are a food that has a low amount of calories. Wengie suggests that eating from home will not only save money but also make a person healthier.


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