Virtual Marketing by Andrew Brooks, Sinclair Founder

There exists a correlation between brand identity and clients. In the spring of 2017, Andrew Brooks was invited to offer insights into how internet business is changing and stay aware of its always developing future. Andrew Brooks is the CEO OF Vianel and has expertise in naturally growing clients’ relationships. During the summit held by Georgetown Retail & Luxury Association (GRLA) and McDonough School of Business Stanton Distinguished Leaders Series, Brooks said he started Vianel after he was unable to find a cardholder accessory he liked.

The summit focused on creating a brand identity that could become conspicuous in an already overcrowded virtual stage. Andrew Brooks would mentor the attendees on nurturing clients’ relationships virtually without having to meet them.

In 2017, Andrew Brooks was named by Forbes as the 30 under 30 retail. He has established himself in the retail world and is expected to reap big. Andrew said the most important factor of e-commerce is to foster a relationship with your customers.

Sinclair founder Aerin Lauder talked about the power of social media. She said that social media platforms were helping retailers get in touch with their clients. Additionally, she quipped t6hat once you know how your business was running, it would help you get in touch with your clients no matter the huge following.

The Sinclair founder continues to say it is imperative to master how your business contributes to other people’s well-being. Lauder of Sinclair says she has seen her following grow after learning how her business impacted lives.

Brooks said to survive on virtual platforms; authenticity is key. His quest was driven by the fact he could not get what he wanted, and rather than settling on something second-rate, Andrew designed something he liked.

According to Andrew, penetrating the virtual market requires understanding your clients’ demographics. You cannot ignore the long working hours too. Brooks maintains that in e-commerce, the customers lead you to the next stage by addressing their needs. This is the only way you can prepare for the market changes.