The Shift to Smart Homes: Why Todd Lubar Believes This Is the Right Time for Entrepreneurs to Join the Bandwagon

Smart homes technology continues to transform the way homes are priced and marketed. Homes that are outfitted with smart technology features are currently commanding higher prices than those without.

The addition of affordable smart home security features has also been proven to boost the desirability of homes. For instance, millennial tend to purchase homes that they would otherwise not considered buying simply because they are equipped with smart home features. Similarly, seniors and people with disabilities who are scouting for ways to remain independent tend also to target homes with safety and health enhancing technologies. Visit Affiliatedork for more info.

Brighter Future

According Hackronym, Todd Lubar, even though smart technology is still in its infancy stages, its future looks brighter. The changes that will be witnessed in future as far as smart home technology is concerned will be profound, and its ramification on the real estate industry will become truer with the passage of time. Consequently, it is pertinent for homeowners who are planning to sell their homes fast and at greater price points to consider incorporating smart home technologies where possible.

For Entrepreneurs, Now Is the Time to Invest

Considering the projected growth rate, Todd believes that now is the best time for entrepreneurs to invest in the smart home technology market. While consumers who are currently buying smart homes are mostly millennial, people with disabilities, and the elderly who require constant monitoring, it is just a matter of time before every one adopts the technology.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar has been following the smart home technology world and the internet of things (or IoT) for some time. Beginning his career in 1995 with Crestor Mortgage Corporation, Todd has moved through senior positions in a number of companies including Charter Funding, Legacy Financial Groups, and Priority Financial Services. He is currently the TDL Ventures’ president. Lubar has also worked in other industries including demolition, recycling, and real estate development. He has also been listed as one of the top 25 US-based Mortgage originators. He has Bachelors of Arts degree in speech communication from Syracuse University.

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