The Personal Portrait of Eric Lefkofsky as the Co-Founder of Tempus

Most of the important and relevant information that people need to know about the career of Eric Lefkofsky can be found in his LinkedIn profile, but the most personal ones are not there. His personal stories, insight and various anecdotes in his business ventures may better be retold in the interview that Lefkofsky did with the website, A Drink With.

Most of the details that people can find in the A Drink With site include the exact time of the day that Lefkofsky is most productive, why he eats fast and why he almost always works 12 hours a day. He also shared some of his ideas on how to balance work time and family time, and how to manage a company with 11,000 employees that are spread about 48 countries. Being a co-founder of Tempus means that Lefkofsky has to juggle a lot of responsibilities in so short and quick a time span, and that’s why he has to have better control of his day-to-day schedule. He also shared in the interview some background story of how his company is still trying to build a new business model. It’s not something that’s already been built and is familiar to everyone. It entails more risks and learning curve in relation to the people using the product or service.

About Eric Lefkofsky

The LinkedIn profile of Lefkofsky has all the pertinent and updated details of his work history. This profile includes the entry that Lefkofsky is the co-Founder of Tempus, a tech-driven company related to battling cancer. The company is focussed in building an operating system that’s able to deal with all the dynamics related to cancer battles today.

It’s also worth mentioning that what Tempus does is offer a genomic sequencing service that analyzes comprehensive therapeutic and molecular data that helps physicians get better control in how they manage cancer treatment for patients. Tempus also provides tools that get empowered and grow as the system gathers more data.

It should also be added that Lefkofsky is the co-founder of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This is a charitable foundation that educates children and promotes human rights, among others.

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