The Passion of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad has become one of America’s most revered figures when it comes to pediatric surgery. Yes, there are a lot of top-tier pediatric surgeons in the US, but there seems to be something special about this guy. Dr. Saad kind of transitioned from a rags to riches type of story. Though he was never considered to be poor, he still had to work hard in order to get to such a high-level of success. The Palestine-native has made a huge impact on society, and he really isn’t a household name. Fame has never been an intention for this man, but he has become very popular by the work that has provided.

Dr. Saad was born in the late 1940s, and he was one of eight children. His father worked in the oil field as a petroleum mechanic, and his mother took care of the household. During his childhood, Saad’s family had to flee their homeland because of political unrest. The family relocated to Kuwait, but they were considered to be refugees. Since the family had to up and leave their home so quickly, they weren’t able to hold on to their personal identities. Saad’s father made it known that hard work truly pays off. This notion was instilled into the hearts of Saad, and his seven siblings. You are looking at one of the most acclaimed surgeons in the pediatric sector. Saad has attained two Ph.Ds as well as attained two master’s degrees. Forty-seven years ago, Saad earned his medical degree from the University of Cairo.

Being a pediatric surgery isn’t easy, but it’s very rewarding. This affluent doctor specializes in removing objects from children’s throats. “Sometimes food will accidentally go down the wrong pipe if you’re not careful,” said Saad. This man has generally performed an alarming amount of bronchoscopies and endoscopies. “Some of the most common objects that kids tend to swallow are batteries, coins and peanuts,” said Saad. The “terrible twos” can also be a nightmare for any parent. Dr. Saad was actually trained by one of the top pediatric surgeons in America, but as of today, he is now fully retired. Learn more:

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