The Life of Lime Crime

Doe Deere, the creator of the incredibly popular Lime Crime, has been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. The businesswoman has been highly involved with fashion and cosmetics since childhood. She started out being obsessed with art via paints and pencils. This kind of art has remained important for her, but her real and lifelong passion turned to passion and then to cosmetics as well. She fondly recalls how she first began her love of cosmetics during a slumber party when she was nine. Learn more:

During the evening, she and her friends dressed up in various fashions as was their favorite custom. It was as the evening progressed that they decided to try on one of her friend’s mom’s makeup. It was a moment that changed her life forever and she never looked back. She spent the next couple of decades perfecting the art of cosmetics. Although she started posting cosmetic pictures online in 2006, she didn’t believe she had quite mastered it until she was in her late 20s in 2008. This is when she founded Lime Crime.

This is actually a name that originated in 2004. That is when she was required to name her new eBay store. She just put down the first thing that came into her head, which was “limecrime.” It was not an unlikely thing for this to come to her mind since Lime is her favorite color. She says that she wished she had come up with a better name but doesn’t think it really matters that much. She is immensely proud of the huge success that Lime Crime has become. The company has remained largely internet-based. Deere highly favors such a concentration.

It means they have access to constant communication to and from their clientele. The bad thing about it is that the internet is a super easy place to spread false negative rumors. Lime Crime has definitely had its share of being the brunt of such rumors but Deere has learned how to effectively deal with such problems. She has found that the most effective way to deal with people who are spreading lies about you is to just ignore them. She does acknowledge those naysayers who really do have legitimate concerns and makes sure that each of these people is talked to by either herself or a Lime Crime representative. She definitely deals with promising young cosmetics and fashion entrepreneurs who are looking for advice about breaking into the business.

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