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OSI Industries The beneficiaries of a good partnership

OSI industries are the leading industry in food production and adding value to food. Being in the industry for one century.OSI’s story has been a dynamic one. It was founded as a result of immigration to America. Specifically, it was founded by a German-immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. It’s based in Illinois, Chicago. The immigrants were passing through America in a bid to get farms in the West.

Kolschowsky was business oriented and had an eye for business opportunities. Barely two years after moving to America, he started up a business as a butcher. His business grew fast, and in ten years he had shifted to being a wholesaler and had opened another branch in Chicago. The success of business accelerated, and a decade down the line it was renamed and made to be a family business known as Otto and Sons limited. Since the products they produced were very crucial to the community they lived in, the business continued to grow and gain popularity.

However, before the World War two, the Industry faced great competition from the MC Donald’s Restaurant. Otto and Sons were able to recover b getting a partnership to supply fresh meat. The MC Donald’s Restaurant multiplied under the new leadership of Kroc. Since Otto and Sons limited was associated with the MC Donald’s their legacy grew too. With the ever-increasing branches of the MC Donald’s great pressure was inserted to the suppliers such as OSI always to deliver good quality meat all through. It is this pressure that led to the discovery of new technology (flash freezing) to attain consistency in production. This helped them to grow, the friendship between Kroc and sons of Otto helped them grow together in business.

Otto and Sons continued to grow and became a large business hence the need to change their name to OSI Industries for better business. Therefore, it turned from a family owned butcher to a manufacturing company. The also incorporated new leadership which was not comprised of family members as before. OSI industries continued to expand proportionally with their partners the Mc Donald Restaurant. This increased their production capacity which allowed them to move to the international market. OSI Industries gained a larger market, and the has continued to expand globally to this day. The OSI Industries have had great leaders who have steered the company to great successes.

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