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Gyration of the OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the businesses that was one day very small, but due to proper management, the company has managed to stand. It all started as a local meat selling point to a commercial enterprise that serves people in different regions. The business was doing well in the industry, a fact that made it win a contract with McDonald’s restaurant. This collaboration opened more doors for trade in that it acquired a good reputation. One of the strategies embraced by OSI Group was the introduction of already existing products to new customers. They achieved this by opening a new branch in West Chicago that was meant to ensure the timely delivery of beef for McDonald’s.

This diversification seemed to work well for the company since they later moved their products to Utah, Germany, Brazil, Spain, and Austria. OSI Group has successfully managed to reach over ten countries. Some of the products that they have managed to deliver include fish, dough, beef, pork, and also vegetable products. For operations in any business to be successful, the workforce is essential. As a result, OSI Group has managed to employ 20,000 employees. Most of the businesses are out there to make money. The customer’s well-being is none of their concern. OSI Group has always been on the lookout to ensure that whatever is delivered to their customers is safe and of the right quantity. This has helped them scoop several ethical awards.

This business has been operating from their central office based in Illinois. Ray Kroc has been the chief executive officer of McDonalds. Otto & Sons have also become part of this enterprise out of the supplies they make. Ray Kroc has always made sure that customer relations are of the top notch. It has been his duty to ensure that repeat customers are satisfied with quality goods. Kroc has also ensured that the products are available in the market. Suppliers have always been held responsible when it comes to the affordability of hamburgers. Technology has assisted in building a good supplier and customer relation. Operations can also be conducted within the minimum time possible.