Southbridge Capital Can Help A Company with all Its Financial Needs

If you decide that Southbridge Capital is the finance company for you, you will find that they have a many different kinds of clients and forward-looking financial solutions. These things are just the tip of the iceberg of what you find at Southbridge.

Another thing that you will find out about Southbridge is that they have an experienced, core executive team that has deep understanding of the financial marketplace. This team are extremely devoted to their clients and will find the right financial plan for them. This team has invested $1.8 billion in companies since 1996 and have gotten a good return on their investment. They have their put money in about 250 public companies. They completely how a company works and is aware of all concerns and issues that a firm can have. Their knowledge and experience are good reasons that you should go with Southbridge.

A potential client or customer of Southbridge will get a complete financial package from this company. As part of this package, a client should expect ot get highly detailed, proposed financial statement that will match what is assumed to be with operations and finances. Southbridge will also help with a client’s company to have a balance between debt and equity. This company can provide advice on bankruptcies, mergers, acquisitions, and legal settlements. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

If you are interested in a financial company that is interested in social responsibility. Southbridge is such a company. This company does its best to promote volunteer work, community leadership and improvement in society. They believe in having a positive impact on society. To ensure that happens, they focus on projects that can give support and strengthen citizens who already have the desire tomake society better. Stephen and Mary Hicks, members of the Southbridge family, have started many charitable groups. Southbridge do put their beliefs into actions.

These are some of the people that you could meet at Southbridge Capital. You can visit

Stpehen M. Hicks is founder as well as the CEO of Southbridge. He helps set the course for all of the companies under Southbridge and is responsible for how this business develops.

Narine Pershud is Chief Financial Officer and has been with the company for ten years. She is one in charge of the fund accouting and cash management.

Larence Ditkoff, CFA, CPA, is the director of Research and is in charge of investment evaluation. He is also involved in selecting due diligence and transaction structuring.

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