Save money on your energy bill with Goettl’s expert advice

If you live in hotter climates, having air conditioning is a must. Unfortunately, it can cost a small fortune and sometimes doesn’t keep your home as cool as you would want. Here are some tips from Goettl’s HVAC experts that will have you thanking them in no time.

Get window film and apply it to your windows. This will keep out the sunlight and heat out, thus keep your home cooler. This next one might sound counter-intuitive but it works. Turn up the temperature to 78 degrees. Every degree that is drops below 78 degrees, there is an eight degree increase in energy use. Now that’s a lot! Replacing old air filters will help your HVAC unit run more efficiently and save your money. Goettl experts suggest changing them once every 30 days. This also includes maintenance and tuning your unit. When you keep up with maintenance, then your will get a more optimal result.

Keep your thermostat and heating and air conditioning unit out of direct sunlight and in shade. If they are warm, then they will have to work harder to cool down. You can properly shade your HVAC under a tree or overhanging roof, just remember that it has to have two feet of clearance around it to function properly. Use radiant barrier in your attic. It is a foil that is installed between the attic floor and insulation. It really keeps the heat from entering your home from the attic.

Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical is an industry leader since 1939. Their expertise working in the extreme desert climate of the Southwestern region has made them a fan favorite and a great company you can count on.

They offer an array of services from maintenance packages, to plumbing services. Whatever you need, Goettl has the experience and knowledge to better serve your heating and air conditioning needs.


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