Newswatch TV Helps Contour Designs To Greatly Increase Sales

Newswatch TV, as the name might tell you, is a news program that focuses on the latest trends in the news. Rather than functioning as a broad-brush general-news company like so many others, Newswatch is focused on several particular subjects. These subjects are technology, consumer news, entertainment, travel, and health. While the site does include a small amount of paid content, Newswatch does a good job of labeling such stories, to be honest with the consumer. I don’t have a problem with a little advertising, myself. After all, they’ve got to pay the bills somehow!

This honest approach to advertising is part of what has made the show such a success. Over the course of its 28-year run, Newswatch TV has won many awards and carved out a niche in the world of news that is uniquely their own. They also do a lot of promotion work to help new business ideas to get off the ground.

One example is their recent campaign in support of Contour Designs’ “Ultimate Workstation”. The device is a next-generation ergonomic keyboard designed for people who use a keyboard every day. With so many people making their living online, it is only natural that people would start looking for ways to optimize the typing process. Perhaps its most distinctive feature is a roller bar that replaces the traditional mouse. A rounded bar at the top of the keyboard is manipulated in much the same way that a mouse would be. The overall design of this special mouse is designed to minimize impact and resistance to make the entire process smoother and easier on your hands.

Thanks to Newswatch TV and their promotion campaign, Contour Designs reported a record increase in the sales of the “Ultimate Workstation.” It just goes to show that a unique idea will usually succeed, as long as it is properly promoted.

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