Matthew Fleeger Is Building A Better And Stronger Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is a man of many talents, and he has used many of them to build a spread of successful businesses that operate in different industries. In the tanning industry, he has been able to put together two businesses that have made a total of $100 million. He helped to build Mystic Tan, which is a company that offers spray-on tanning on the spot. He was also a part of the founding of Palm Beach Tan, which is now one of the largest indoor tanning companies in the United States.

Matthew Fleeger studied at Southern Methodist University and received his undergraduate degree in business while there. His business degree gave him many of the skills he would need to work in the oil and gas industry where his father had already built Gulf Coast Western. During his time in college, Fleeger also studied marketing and finance and went to work with an oil and gas company after graduating. He worked for more than one company located in Texas after college, and one of these was his father’s company.

Matthew Fleeger struck out on his own in 1993 and created MedSolutions, Inc. The company focused on disposing, treating, and transporting medical waste that health care companies produce. He guided the company for more than 15 years until it became a top name in the health care waste management sector. He served as the company’s president, chief executive officer, and chairman during that time and eventually sold the company to Stericycle for close to $59 million later on. After this, he went back to work with Gulf Coast Western and became the company’s chief executive officer and president. His experience working with mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate structuring gave him the tools he needed to improve the company, and he continues to make it better everyday.

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