Mark Mofid, a Resourceful Plastic Surgeon

Mark Mofid has been certified as a plastic surgeon by the Board of Plastic Surgery of America as well as the Board of Reconstructive and Facial Plastic Surgery of America. Mark has taken years to perfect his skills and appearances of his clients.

While he was getting started with the career, Mark could experience lack of satisfaction from the implants he was using on patients and could therefore take time to reshape them before proceeding to the surgery. Mark then created his own implants which reduced the amount of time he could initially take when implanting them.

To avoid unnecessary complications, Mark has set a limit of 330cc for putting implants. He cannot go bigger than this even if the patient demands so. He explains that bigger implants can get a malposition easily from the force of gravity creating an appearance that the patient did not intend to have.

Mark has learnt about butt augmentation technique from a Brazilian plastic surgeon called Raul Gonzalez, MD, in Ribeirao Preto. The surgeon has the world’s largest case series and started buttock surgery in 1984. The body contouring surgeries are best performed in Brazil and butt augmentation has currently started taking shape in America.

The demand for butt augmentation has a continued increase in demand in Brazil and this aspect has led to creation of surgeons who are well trained in the art. Mark’s exposure to these doctors made him more knowledgeable and is ready to perform the butt augmentations in the US which is not as popular as it is in Brazil.

He took his bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from the University of Harvard. Mark Mofid completed his medical training at the School of Medicine of Johns Hopkins University. He was able to gain hands-on-experience in plastic surgery, advanced craniofacial surgery and general surgery during his training period.

His extensive understanding on plastic surgery has seen him write several publications on the topic. Some of these publications have been featured in one of the most recognized journal by the surgeons, plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. His expertise has seen him make a number of presentations at different medical conferences in the US and internationally.


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