Malcolm CasSelle Looks Into the Future of Digital Lifestyles

The name OPSkins might not come up at the dinner table very often. But for those in the know about cryptocurrency, it’s a subject of frequent discussion. So hearing that the minds behind it are launching a new blockchain platform called Wax is intriguing to say the least. But perhaps the most interesting aspect is what’s being traded on it.

The platform is obviously using virtualized digital currency. But it’s also intended to work with virtual assets. It’s in large part meant to work with gaming assets. It should work to adjust for fragmentation. This, in turn, provides a stable virtual platform to build on in the future.

The new market isn’t just about financial unification though. It also offers a chance to help unite people over geographical divides. The reason this is so significant can be seen by addressing on major point of confusion. People often think about these geographical divides in terms of simple distance. But it’s more shorthand to describe a number of factors. These include language, currency conversions and social divides. Wax unites people in a way which compensates for all of these issues.

What’s more, this is all done in a unified way that allows for asset trading within the familiar gaming environments. One can easily buy and sell virtualized assets trough Wax on the very systems running games using them.

This is all thanks to the vision of Malcolm CasSelle, president of Wax. He championed similar technologies while acting as CEO of OPSkins. His interest in overcoming the limitations of geographical divides can also be seen with his work on international powerhouse Tencent.

This is equally apparent in his fluency in both Mandarin and Japanese. Both languages are tremendously difficult for most people in the West to master. Doing so not only shows devotion to understanding different regions, but also a truly agile mind. This also covers the three biggest languages and cultures within the gaming scene. He’s able to understand the language and culture of North America, China and Japan. The games made by each tend to be quite different. But the markets also tend to cross pollinate each other with new ideas.

Other relevant expertise can be seen with his time at MediaPass. As a subscription based paywall one can see methodology in place to generate income from virtualized assets. It’s easy to see how his interest in doing so has moved from traditional methods to Wax’s new an exciting approach.

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