Making Money on Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing platform that operates globally connecting independent professionals with businesses that require their diverse skills. The company is based in San Francisco and connects all the businesses with relevant professionals without place and time barriers. Some of the most common fields for the freelancers include web development, graphic design, and writing. The professionals communicate directly with employers for the different tasks and charges. Although the workers on the site are many, there are several strategies that can keep you earning.

Set Up an Honest Profile

The profile displayed to the clients acts as a resume that gives them an idea of your capabilities. Having an incomplete profile reduces your chances of getting a job. Your profile should also include the types of jobs you like and your skills in different areas. This gives the level of your expertise and gives the clients an easy time choosing you for their tasks. Since the information is self-report, you need to be honest to prevent instances of delivering low-quality jobs which can lead to suspension or closure of your account. The profile may also contain your detailed background with links to your work samples or a portfolio, education level, preferred rates location and the number of hours you can work in a week.

Connection with Legit Clients

Using Connects, submit your proposals when you feel capable of handling a task. A free account is usually accorded 60 Connects per month. You should, therefore, be careful when selecting the jobs you want to handle. The proposal must also include your answers to employer’s questions on the posting, your desired price, and an introductory letter. You may also include several relevant samples. Ensure that your profile looks robust all the time since its appearance significantly affects the client’s choice. Highlighting individual experience and displaying your best works helps you be unique and increases your probability of getting tasks from potential clients. You can try to search for an idea of the reputation ,of the employer through platforms such as Glassdoor and the Better Business Bureau which gives you information on his acceptance rate.

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