Living & Leading by Example: Dr. Clay Siegall

We should all strive to lead the most progressive life as we can. Unfortunately, life tends to throw us all a few curb balls here and there. Disease and illness just so happens to be a pitfall in life as well as a curb ball. Cancer needs no introduction because it has reaped havoc for so many people. Past cancer-treatment medications could only do so much because of the lack of information. Thanks to living in the 21st century, we have an abundance of information at our disposal and medical doctors have certainly exploited this information for the greater good of society.

Seattle Genetics is the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to fighting cancer. This oncology company has made an impact on cancer research, and it has made an impact in people’s lives. Dr. Clay Siegall is the man in charge here, and he has demonstrated excellence throughout his long career. Many of his constituents refer to him as being a doctor, a businessman, and entrepreneur and a scientist. The guy literally has a fantastic educational background. Dr. Siegall specializes in the fields of genetics and zoology. On the other hand, his business-savvy sense has helped to takse the company to an all-new level. By securing multiple licensing for the company’s top drug, Dr. Siegall has given the “green light” on distributing the drugs to foreign nations. Yes, there are up to 65 nations that use Seattle Genetics’ ADCETRIS drug.

In addition to this high-quality deed, Dr. Siegall does a great job of bringing in extra income via private fundraising. In total, he has generated over $1 billion by doing so and that’s a fact. Most of this extra income goes right back into the program itself. All in all, Dr. Clay Siegall is simply leading by example because he’s setting new trends that were once never seen, and he has changed the status quo.

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