Lime Crime’s Answer to the Candy Colored Hair Challenge

Brightly, almost crayola-like, hair colors have been all the rage lately. With celebs like Kylie Jenner not just flaunting the fun frocks but actually starting hair lines, it is no wonder that the trend has really taken off. However, it is not a trend for the faint at heart…or formal career, like an attorney for example. But if you do have the kind of lifestyle that will allow you to take a walk on the wild side with perhaps hot pink or royal blue locks, you’re in for a surprising challenge; finding matching makeup. Until now that is.

Recently, makeup company Lime Crime, launched a feature on their website that will allow users to review and test out various lipstick and eye shadow combinations with their florescent hair colors. They call the feature Hairspiration, and a quick visit of their site invites you into their “Unicorn hair gallery” where you can select the bold color you have chose. They even have one multi-color selection, called mermaid, that seems to be a gradient of blue, purple, and green. It also includes suggestions for users based on the color or colors they have chosen. Customers are loving it and using the site as a community platform to share product reviews and recommendations as well. For example, if you select that you have mermaid hair, the Hairspiration feature recommends to you that you use the Great Pink Planet or Rave (a matte purple) lipsticks and the Venus eye shadow pallet of eye shadows which range from beige to pink to brown.  For more looks check them out on Instagram @limecrimemakeup.  Also, be sure to visit their official Facebook to connect with Doe herself.

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