Kristin Ihle Offers Advice on How Employers Can Bring the Best Out of Their Employees

Kristin Ihle has consistently called for organizations to ensure that they provide their employees with effective mentorship because through this mentorship, they will be able to work concurrently in a productive manner. Kristin Ihle, for instance, believes that employers can get the best from their employees if they abide by the following attributes.

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Be Humble

Kristin is of the doctrine that arrogance and high hardness are recipes for failure and one of the easiest ways to lose the trust and commitment of employees. On the contrary, employers must strive to ensure that they respect their employees. If the employee does not reciprocate the respect, then immediate measures should be taken to either replace the employee or discipline him/her.

Always Be On Time

As an employer, if you have scheduled a meeting at 2 in the afternoon, always ensure that you are there 10 or 20 minutes before the onset of the meeting. If you keep time, those under your stewardship will also keep time. Additionally, no one wants to attend a meeting earlier, only for the speaker to report an hour late.

Always Have a Growth Mindset

Kristin Ihle believes that a growth mindset is not only imperative for any organization, but it creates a platform where everyone wants to be the best. When such a mindset is implemented in an organization, nurturing talent becomes easy. Additionally, through such a mindset, the relationship between employees and employers improves because there is a mentality that people are helping each other attain their goals.

Always Be a Mentor

Learning from the best will always bring the best results. If you want your employees to be among the best performing, provide them with the information needed to achieve their ambitions. If you may not be in a position to be the best, always hire the best to do the job for you.

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