Kristen Iyer: The Consulting King

Krishen Iyer has started quite a few consulting companies in his time. He started in insurance, founding an insurance company. Then, he moved to consulting and marketing companies, making more of those. Krishen Iyer graduated from school in California, and now he’s focused on his companies including MBS, the company standing for Managed Benefits Services. More recently, he started MAIS Consulting. He’s the founder and CEO of this company. 


MAIS focuses on helping a company go all the way through the growth process, including contracting, improving their marketing, developing positive company policies, and finally strategic business growth where he helps them grow into their full potential. Krishen Iyer starts out the day meeting with clients so that he can fully understand their wants and needs as a company. Then, from there, he focuses on simplistic strategies for helping them achieve these goals based on their needs.

Mr. Iyer’s philosophy focuses on the most direct path to achieving a company’s aims. He recommends ad campaigns that have just one succinct, clear message in them. He speaks often about how companies often try to communicate too much to their customers at once. It ends up being a waste of everyone’s resources if the consulting and marketing company just has them say a huge amount of stuff that no one is ever going to listen to carefully. For Krishen Iyer, if it’s just one, eye-catching message, that simplicity will get through to the customers and help facilitate a company’s growth much more quickly than if there were a complex message.