Kamil Idris and His Advocacy For Establishing Sustainable Intellectual Property Laws

There are quite a lot of things to say about the recent statements of Professor Kamil Idris that were featured on the Venture Outsource news portal. His words there were mostly about his take on the issues that confront the field of protecting intellectual property rights (IP) in the world, and how to do this in a way that won’t cost a lot of capital, funding or time.

The feature also stated some of the stands and answers that Professor Idris gave about how to improve the mechanisms today that protect IP rights. He also added that there’s so many challenges and pressure today for IP laws as emerging outsourcing destinations have been catching up with the latest innovation in the market. It is also his opinion that the economic growth of many economies may have a lot to do with the IP laws that the country is employing. He also added that for an economy’s innovation to sustain its growth, there has to be keen attention given to the IP in relation to the professionals, policy environment and national objectives of the country.

In the news portal Medium, Professor Idris also shared a lot of his insight on how the trade dynamics between China and United States are going along these days. He shared there some of the stiff tariffs that the United States has set for China as a result of the supposedly harmful and unfair deals that U.S. and China have arrived at with regards to unlawful technology acquisitions. It is even revealed in a report done by no other than the U.S. Trade Department that more than $225 to $600 billion have already been charged on the U.S. taxpayers because of China’s unfair annual stealing of U.S. ideas. This is clearly a breach of IP laws and agreements, and should be given attention immediately.

About Kamil Idris

A short bio about Professor Kamil Idris has to state that he’s the Director General of the World of Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) during 1997 up to 2008. His views on intellectual property rights have been regarded as an insightful resource to many key authorities.


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