Juan Monteverde’s Interviiew About Protecting Shareholders from Fraud

Juan Monteverde is a lawyer from New York City. He recently was in an interview outlining the firm he created and how they focus on representing shareholders in class action suits that involved companies being fraudulent or misleading regarding these clients’ finances.


During the Interview, Mr. Monteverde outlined how he got started with the area of law surrounding acquisitions. This included running the department for this under a different firm. From there, he went on to found his own firm. This firm handled cases that went all the way to the Supreme court. His firm has handled several high-profile cases as well.

Mr. Monteverde indicated that his favorite book for inspiration in business was Don Quixote by Cervantes because it included the idea of dealing with things that other people can’t see to get ahead.

He attributed his business success to hard work and getting the experience that he needed early on. Monteverde said in the interview that the experience he gained made it so that he knew when it made sense to spend time on a particular action and when it didn’t. He expressed a strong belief in saving shareholders from shady practices by a company performing an acquisition.

On more than one occasion, Mr. Monteverde has successfully made it so that his clients were able to get proper compensation during an acquisition when a company had tried to deny it from them initially. Monteverde doesn’t believe in doubt due to the fact that he always stays focused on his client and does everything he can to make sure that his client’s best interests are always forefront of his mind. This is essentially his philosophy when it comes to being a lawyer. In the end, Mr, Monteverde plans to continue his practice for some time. Juan Monteverde’s: Facebook Page.