Is WEN a Win for Fine Hair?

The claim of 5 steps in 1 has had me very curious recently about WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner. Time saving is a passion of mine and this product is said to act as a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner all in one bottle. According to the website,, it thoroughly cleanses hair without lather or sulfates found in many shampoos and leaves hair strong, moisturized, and manageable. Can all of this be done with only the five ingredients listed on the bottle? According to the results of a 3-week user perception survey of the Sweet Almond Mint formula published on the sephora website, it can.
I was excited to read Emily McClure’s article published in the Fashion & Beauty section of on February 8th. McClure’s piece is titled I Used Cleansing Conditioner on My Fine Hair and Here’s What Happened and it chronicles 7 days of using Wen. You can read the article here:

At the beginning of the article,  McClure talks about how much more of this product was required per use than her regular shampoo. The bottle recommends 16-24 pumps for medium length hair. Throughout her trial, while she enjoyed the feeling of soft bouncy hair immediately after washing, within 24-hours, the product left her hair greasy and flat. She also found that her hair did not hold curl as well after washing and drying because it was left so soft by the product. Ultimately, McClure recommends this product for those with fine hair that have time to shower daily in the morning. She doesn’t recommend WEN for those “lazier” people that do not want to wash their hair daily. Visit for more info.


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