Innovation: Patents by Serge Belamant for Granting of Copyright Rights

In the field of computer science, Serge Belamant is one staunch intellectual who has played a really great role in ensuring it is well lit with creativity and inventions. His impressive abilities were visible since he was young and a student at Highlands North High School, South Africa; where his family had settled when he was 14 after leaving his birthplace, Tulle- France. Following his poor knowledge in English, at the school he learned how to perfect it in writing and speaking; while also perfecting his outstanding talent in Rugby, Chess, and Athletics. In 1974, Belamant joined the Witwatersrand University to study Computer Science and Applied Mathematics but dropped it after one year to study Information systems.

During his career, Serge Belamant was honored with various rewards including the Analyst of the year-1980, while working with Control Data; and Systems Analyst Award of the Year – 1982. After some time, he left his business Analyst post and joined Databank where he created his first scientifically driven financial system, of which turned out to be a success and his key to innovation. In essence, to ensure his unique creations remained his entirely, and the sole copyright owner, this inventor has managed to file for several patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In ensuring his inventing technology was under copyright protection, inventor Serge Belamant was able to file a patent for the game control operation discovery in 1998.

Following successful approval of his first patent, Belamant then filed another one, in 2007, for his Secure Financial Transactions system. Following his expertise in applied mathematics, this system was created to facilitate effective and secure financial transactions using a simulated Primary Account Number of a financial institution’s credit/debit account. Still, in 2007, inventor Serge Belamant was able to file another patent for his Verification of a Transactor’s Identity system. Similarly, this system was also for effecting secure financial transactions. For effective verification, the system has been created with an identity and account verifying facility for the discerning identity of the transacting individuals. Other patents that this eminent developer has filed include Designation of Electronic Financial Transactions system; and FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS WITH A VARYING PIN device.


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