How Wes Edens Encouraged the MLS Expansion in Las Vegas

Wes Edens may be known for his partnership in the Fortress Investment Group, but he is also equally known for his ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks. Recently, he has been talking about his desire to expand the team into Las Vegas. What has the been discussed as the best venue for the team?

The first order of business was where the team would play. Allegiant Stadium is now regarded as one of the best options for the MLS franchise. Another bid for the team is vying for the space at Cashman Field. This field is home to the Las Vegas Lights. The purpose to expand this franchise, just as the Milwaukee Bucks was an expansion of the Detroit Pistons.

One of his greatest passions is Aston Villa, a team in the Premier League Club. As the co-owner of the team, Wes Edens has spent a lot of time expanding these teams in Nevada, as it has experienced a lot of expansion in the past. The owner of well-known hockey team Golden Knights, is also interested in partnering with Wes Edens for the expansion.

Although the winning bidder has not yet been determined just yet, Allegiant Stadium is still the top choice for the venue. Cashman Field is another strong choice for a venue, a field currently assigned to the Las Vegas Lights soccer team. Sportico recently stated in an article that Las Vegas supercedes Sacramento in terms of cities likely to take on the MLS expansion. Wes Edens is no doubt awaiting a phone call to determine his next move.

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