How PosiGen Works to Bring Solar Energy To Everyone

Solar energy is exploding in popularity but one of the main things keeping it from becoming as common as other forms of energy is the cost. However, that too is starting to change thanks to PosiGen, a solar energy company. It has made it its mission to provide the eco-friendly form of power to as many people as possible. By focusing their efforts on low to moderate-income homes, PosiGen solar power company can help more people enjoy the benefits of solar energy.


What Makes PosiGen so Special?


In addition to targeting the poorer sections of the country, PosiGen also has other things going for it that set it apart from other solar power companies. For starters, PosiGen doesn’t charge an installation fee, and maintenance and monitoring are included in the monthly fee. This lasts for the life of the lease. Monthly payments are fixed and kept low ensuring that customers always come out on top. Another key aspect of PosiGen is its simplified program. It starts with a design and engineering check, then getting the correct permits and approvals. 


After that comes the installation, inspection, and lastly the activation. This easy five-step process has helped over 18,000 customers to enjoy the benefits of solar power.


Saving Money with PosiGen

One of the key benefits of solar power is that it will help people to save money on their power bills. With PosiGen solar power company this works by subtracting the amount of solar power used from the amount of electricity used. In other words, these energy credits will allow a home to be powered by solar power, then switch to electricity if it needs it. Excess energy produced by the solar panels will be delivered to the electrical grid for credits, further helping customers to save money.