How PosiGen Fosters Energy Efficiency

PosiGen is helping homeowners save a lot of money on utility bills by using solar energy. Low-to-moderate income families can generate their own energy and have more control of the energy costs. Not to mention the positive impacts it has on the environment. PosiGen is working towards making solar a more accessible and affordable form of energy.


Energy Audits 

PosiGen solar power company performs inspections to determine air leaks and other energy loss points around the house. They help you to decide what needs to improve or change to help you save more on energy costs. Proper air sealing can reduce your monthly cooling and heating costs significantly. Aside from lowering the energy bills, the comfort and health around the house will be amplified. The PosiGen energy audit is thorough and effective. It includes attic evaluation, window assessment, door assessment, thermal imaging and a personalized energy report (Nola).


Energy Efficiency Upgrades 

An audit will not be the end of it. PosiGen can also help you make your home more energy-efficient through upgrades. An energy-efficient home means low house maintenance costs, better air quality, higher home value, and low utility bills. Once you get your home energy report from the audit, you can request their upgrades based on what you need. It can be air sealing, weather stripping, air filter replacement or an upgrade on the light bulbs. Most low-income families view such upgrades as more of a luxury than a necessity. But with the PosiGen energy efficiency plan, they can afford to enjoy a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient home.


PosiGen Leasing or Purchasing Option

PosiGen offers flexible financing options, including a cash discount when you want to buy the solar system upfront. Installation and twelve years of system monitoring will be included in the package. However, there is a leasing option as well and it’s the most popular solution for most PosiGen energy users for a reason. The lease payments are effortless; you will receive two bills every month. One is the regular utility bill and the other is PosiGen’s lease bill that is non-escalating. Even with the two bills, you will have monthly savings. Installation, maintenance and optimization are also included in the PosiGen lease package. Solar is helping a lot of communities and families save money. Book a personal appointment with PosiGen to find out how long your solar installation is likely to take. You will also learn whether you need energy-efficient upgrades from the audit or not. It’s your best chance of improving your home value and increasing comfort and health.