Greg Secker- The Forex Guru

Forex trading has become an in thing globally with more and more people engaging. Forex trading means the foreign exchange of global currencies. Arguably, forex trading is becoming more popular as it is quickly proving to be a likely and low-risk form of investment. The world right now is in a cash crunch as jobs are decreasing due to high technological innovations. This means that the wage level is slowly decreasing and inflation too is playing a big part. Banks and other financial institutions are lowering their lending interest rates thus business is slowly fading away.


But with foreign exchange markets, one can make money depending on the just a few factors, thus being a viable business option. Forex markets are entirely different from stock markets since they do not have a centralized way of exchange. Though the activity of forex exchange relies more or less on a high level of technology, an individual does not need to be very conversant with technology for him/her to operate forex exchanges. However, one ought to learn every aspect of the trading for them to be profitable. The forex market is very much nearer to you than you think. It is easily accessible and provides a broad range of options, simply because it is global. One can easily trade markets in Europe while in Africa.


Forex exchange has its gurus too. One of these people is Greg Secker. Born in Norfolk, England in 1975 Greg are a renowned forex trader, public speaker, and philanthropist. Currently, the financial trader and family man are based in London. Funny thing about him is that, in college, Greg studied Agricultural and food sciences, entirely unrelated to where his expertise is right now.

Greg commenced his career as a technologist in Thomas Cook Financial services, a trading company based in London. This was in 1990. Four years later he was awarded the British Telecom Award creating an online trading platform for foreign currencies. At the tender age of 25, Greg was promoted to Vice president at Mellon financial corporation where numerous engagements with financial traders gave him adequate knowledge. Now, he is a full-time forex trader, public speaker and also runs the Greg Secker Foundation.


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