GoBuySide Impact

GoBuySide is a search firm based just outside of New York City. Arjun Kapur, the CEO of GoBuySide wanted to make it easier for business owners and entrepreneurs to find their potential employees. It is a tedious job for one to be able to find a person who can fulfill the needs of a business. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside. Especially in locations like New York City where thousands of small businesses are started each year. GoBuySide is the solution Kapur found in order to solve this issue, it is a platform where individuals are interviewed and placed in categories if they qualify. The manner in which one views employment is different compared to the era prior to the internet age. One of the major changes that happened was the decentralization of location of the employee. Businesses would want their employees located at the location of the business, but that is no longer the case. Through the use of the internet and computers, businesses are able to employ individuals far from the business address. GoBuySide ensures that they find the best people to employ, the company utilizes strict analytics in order to determine if a person would be able to exceed their expectations. There are fewer people who are inclined to work in a full-time job because they would like to live their life more freely. There are more part-time and project-oriented roles that are becoming more prominent in the financial industry. People who apply for platforms like GoBuySide are given control over who they are employing. During the hiring process, it can be the case where one will interview a ton of people and not find one who qualifies.

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GoBuySide makes it easier for employers to have more certainty that the people that they are employing can exceed their expectations. There are many informational sites that GoBuySide utilizes like Linkedin and Facebook in order to observe more information about applicants. Through the use of platforms like GoBuySide, private equities and employees are finding it easier to go through the hiring process. One major difference that GoBuySide has over other hiring firms is that it collects information on the people who apply on it. Read this article at Accesswire.

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