Global Tel Links Uncouth Communication Methods

Securus Technologies is one of the prominent providers of criminal and civil technology solutions for investigation, corrections, monitoring and public safety. They recently issued a correction on the GTLs press release. They clearly stated that the press release has various statements that they deem to be inaccurate and misleading to the public. Here are the GTL’s incorrect claims.


  • GTL claims that the countries patent trial permits it to continue with fourth PTAB-validated patent and seek for damages and injunctions against Securus. Securus has an unresolved infringement in the Texas federal court hence cannot seek for relief. Securus correction is that it is heading for a rehearing on the patent hence the patent has not yet been validated and GTL cannot seek damages or an injunction.


  • Every prison or jail requires that the correction staff should monitor visits between family and friends of the inmate. GTL is claiming just one independent claim in its litigation but Securus corrects that it does not condone the fundamental security feature in that single independent claim.


  • GTL are to move to court against Securus due to its alleged actions of using an already patent technology. If the jury grants it, Securus will have to pay for damages but it maintains that its video visitation program is not yet under patent.


From previous years, Securus has taken great strides in ensuring mutually acceptable and intelligent deals are agreed upon concerning their patented technology. They have been able to give licenses to other parties. GTL are one of the major beneficiaries from the licenses due to multiple deals. GTL has however decided to spend millions of dollars to enter into a court fight regarding the patents. GTL has so far been silent regarding multiple press releases by Richard A. Smith who is Securus spokesperson.


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