FreedomPop Comes to Europe

There’s a new company coming to the European mobile services landscape in 2016. FreedomPop is taking its freemium business model to more markets than ever. The consumers love the free service with the option to add on value with additional products.

The freemium movement is still in the early stages but the growth has been rapid. While consumers are obviously receptive to free services, technology investors have been skeptical about how companies like FreedomPop could make any kind of income.

There is no special secret to how it works. FreedomPop international representative Nicholas Constantinopoulos is very open about the plans to expand and what is expected to happen when the company does. As is seen in the United State and the United Kingdom, consumers are converted from non-paying to paying.

This isn’t just a trick played on the customers. There are free buckets that FreedomPop offers initially. As an example, the free service includes 200 MB of data.

FreedomPop has been wildly successful in the United States with a conversion rate of 48%. This means more than half of customers go from non-paying to paying.

Talks of a partnership with Axiata, the Asian telecom group, mean that there are more fun additions to come along with new markets in South America, Europe, and Asia.

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  • Darie Kent
    January 15, 2017 - 11:57 pm | Permalink

    There is an additional 500 MB offered for $10 more. As Constantinopoulos puts it, the freemium is just to get the consumer on board. The results in the United Kingdom experience similar results at 40%. There are certainty that essay writer could have a long way to go in this.

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