Find EOS In Your Beauty Care Aisle

Evolution of Smooth products are straight out of another dimension. While the outer packaging is from the future, the lip balm formulation is made from ingredients as old as the hills.
The packaging of EOS lip balms looks like modern art. The brightly colored spheres look nothing like a traditional lip balm or cosmetic product. The little pods look new, fresh, exciting, and tactile. The smooth spheres fit right in the palm of the hand and untwist with a uniform movement. They look cute in the bathroom vanity, in the hand, in the purse, or hanging out on a dresser amongst makeup. Though these pods look fresh and sleek in their packaging, the insides beckon us to open them up and see what lies beneath this modish art form.

Inside the pods contain a luscious mix of natural ingredients that are begging to be put on to tired, chapped and dry lips. These ancient ingredients like Shea and Jojoba have been used for centuries to moisten dry skin and even as food products. Another rich ingredient Vitamin E has been ingested as a food product found primarily in nuts and is known to have skin beautifying qualities.

Because these ingredients have been used as food products and are found in nature they are 100% safe to use on the lips, near the mouth and even safe to be ingested. Evolution of Smooth products have been tested as hypoallergenic and they are dermatologist recommended. Even someone with sensitive skin who is prone to irritation should be able to use these gentle yet rich and effective lip balm products with superior results. Try any one of their various lightly scented flavors and be blown away by the intoxicating aromas of fresh and natural ingredients. EOS can be found in your beauty care aisle, on Target supermarket or even online on Amazon.

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