EuGenia Shea Butter Will Keep You Smooth

Shea butter is used as a moisturizer and a lotion for many people. Shea butter is also used for a variety of other things. Shea butter can be eaten and it is used in food preparation in many African countries as well. Sometimes Shea butter can even be used in the chocolate industry instead of using cocoa butter, but Shea butter has a noticeably pungent taste. The Shea tree is found mostly in Ghana and Mali, but it is also in many other countries in Africa.

Shea butter melts when it is put at body temperature and it is used for hair and skin. Shea butter is used in lip glosses, lotions, hair conditioners, soaps, and much more. In some countries in Africa they use Shea butter for its waterproofing components and it is even use in candlemaking.

There are also many medicinal components of Shea butter as well. Shea butter can be anti-inflammatory and it also can be used as a sunblock and as an humectant. The main reason that many women love to use Shea butter is because of the effects that it can have on their hair and on their skin.

EuGenia is a special type of Shea butter that is not only produced in Ghana, but it is sold all over the world. EuGenia is a business that is family-run and they are dedicated to fair wages and fair treatment of all their female workers . The workers are all in Ghana and 15% of the proceeds from EuGenia are invested in their education.

The creator of EuGenia decided to start this company after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She wanted to spend time with her mother, and use their experience to provide other individuals with the best Shea butter around. EuGenia Shea butter is made with Shea butter, Shea oil, Baobab oil, Moringa oil and other essential oils. In that way the EuGenia Shea butter is able to maintain its organic form, but it is infused with healthy and beneficial oils as well. Shea butter is an inexpensive way for an individual to keep their hair, scalp, and body smooth and healthy.

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