End Citizens United, The Organization That Fights For True Democratic Elections

End Citizens United is a non-profit association that is dedicated to making sure that pro-reform candidates are elected in the United States. Furthermore, the committee is putting efforts to fight the increasing issues of using money in politics to buy elections.

End Citizens United was founded on 1st March 2015 with a mission of fighting political funding groups which paid for elections for their own good, this was after a decision by the Supreme Court to allow organizations to make donations to political candidates. End Citizens United get funds from grassroots donors, these are small money supporters. End Citizens United is committed to building a coalition system which will look into reforming campaign finance system, and that will see lawmakers take action.

End Citizen United is on a mission to end corruption and bring back the democratic election process by fighting the influence of the effect of organizations, wealthy tycoons, and special interests in the lawmaking process of the legislature. It is doing this by educating the public on the issue of money and forms of corruption in politics. The organization supports the reformation of the campaigns in order to end anonymous and unlawful campaign funders. The organization is hoping to achieve a democratic election in the next election by making sure pro-reformed candidates are elected at all levels of the government.

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End Citizens United endorses those candidates that are dedicated to campaign reform and other causes that bring about democracy. End Citizens United has lately endorsed Randy Bryce, who is focused on supporting and protecting the laws regarding election financing. Randy Bryce has many Democrats and activist groups supporting him including, a political activist from Ohio who quitted his race for the Congressional seat to support him. The main reason as to why he was endorsed is to oppose the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, who is also the Republicans choice for president in 2020.

End Citizens United have a website that shows what they do and where they post their latest news. They also have a page for contributions and candidates interested in the improvement of finance. Their website also shows how to form groups and post on social media.

According to the recent articles, there are allegations that a Russian Company which has ties with the Kremlin, bought political ads on Facebook in order to influence the presidential elections in 2016 in favor of Donald Trump causing Hillary Clinton to lose. This affected and degraded the United States electoral process, and that is why the End Citizens United stands in.

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