Edgard Corona Said that SmartFit Stakes on Technology to Draw Consumers

SmartFit is among the dominant gym networks in the region and its client base is growing daily. This is the first instance this has been witnessed during the crisis and plans collaborations to create more value. June and July have shown great positivity for the gym network because a 4% growth in the number of students in academies across 13 nations in South America was registered.

Brazil alone experienced a 3% increase equating to approximately 1.11M students. Regardless of this reaction, getting this student base to the initial standard before the crisis. At the beginning of 2020, Bio Ritmo had approximately 2,82M consumers across all the market. Out of that figure, 1.65M of them were from Brazil.

The rise in numbers of high-end clients is associated with the 100% gym reopening in July, in a certain network with approximately 100o units. Edgard Corona, the founder and CEO of Bio Ritmo said that the network can be consistent to ensure everyone enrolls and understands the relevant devices.

In 2009, Edgard Corona created SmartFit and went on to make it the best network across the globe. Also, the cancellation charges are lowering and are about to resume to those before the crisis. The people who left the gym network are now coming back alongside their friends interested in accomplishing fitness. Edgard Corona claimed that a given survey involving 24,000 individuals who stopped being customers and 82% of them confirmed that they will resume the sessions after vaccination. The remaining 18% will not come back because they have no income, therefore, afraid and wish to extend a while longer. Edgard said that SmartFit will enlarge the base, and it is rolling out the plan. Approximately 70% of the raised finances will be used to open new units. This movement has been resonating and gaining speed before the actions offer and more