Edgard Corona: Founder Of Smartfit Gyms And Health And Health Fitness Genius

Edgard Corona is an established business tycoon with over 20 years of experience in the health fitness industry. He is the face behind Smartfit gyms, with its headquarters in Sao Paolo. Before joining the sector, he was a chemical engineer at the Corona family’s sugar mills in Brazil.

Edgard Corona joined the health industry in 1996 after motivation from a friend. As a new face in the sector, Edgard Corona’s gyms made enormous losses within the first ten years, but with time the gyms skyrocketed and are ranked as the 4th largest health fitness provider globally.

With more than 1.8 million students, Smartfit plans to disrupt the fitness industry, which has remained untapped for decades. All his gyms have shifted to using modern training kits that give the clients better control and motivation. There are also highly trained instructors who take care of your fitness needs to achieve your goals.

Before the corona pandemic crisis, Smartfit gyms were doing well, earning high revenues and opening new branches all over the country. However, the pandemic brought to a standstill all businesses, with the most affected being in the fitness industry. Recently, Mr. Corona announced that the company would be closing its 901 units for the next four months to help fight the spread of the virus.

To counter the move, Edgard Corona launched a new digital program to ensure that all Smartfit students are engaged. The platform involves free online classes where students learn how to exercise using materials available at home. Currently, more than 700,000 students are using the platform.

Besides, Smartfit CEO is working with technicians and medical professionals to develop a health safety protocol to ensure students are safe once things resume normal. The health protocol includes more than 30 safety rules, including mandatory masks, providing alcohol gels at convenient places in training rooms, and regulating the air conditioning system several times an hour. Go Here for related Information.