Doe Deere’s Inspiring Colors

Russia born Doe Deere, was just a teenager when she came up with a way to change the makeup industry forever. When Doe arrived in the states at the young age of seventeen, she had big ambitions and dreams to become a musician. All of that was put on hold, however, when she discovered that her true passion was cosmetics. She would sell hand made temporary tattoos in the streets of New York City, and loved having that entrepreneurial role. What she did next would change cosmetics forever.

Always looking for a glimmer of success, she decided to come up with her own formula and shades of cosmetics. At a time when color was not so sought after in the makeup world, Doe simply couldn’t live without it. She took matters into her own hands and decided to offer the world a small collection of colorful makeup products through an eBay store. Her ideas were a huge hit, causing her little project to become an overnight success, and soon she was launching her own site.

Though her company is based online, it’s a great outlet for her to use social media as a way to connect with her fans. She uses inspiration from her fans when it comes to discovering new shades, trends and more. Doe refers to her fans as unicorns, since it takes a special kind of person to wear such bold and majestic colors. Doe takes her fans very seriously, and considers their thoughts and feeling when it comes to being a role model and when it comes to adding to her line. She strongly feels that her line helps other to express themselves, without guilt. Makeup is the perfect way to express yourself and show the world who you really are.

Doe is a true inspiration, and prides herself on using animal cruelty free products. She would never test products on an animal, but instead, tests them on herself. She spends much of her time in the lab testing and trying out new products and shades. She is very much a behind the scenes kind of boss, who loves to treat her employees with respect.

You can’t go wrong with the new fall line of Lime Crime. Lip colors such as mauves and golds and pinks will have you swooning. Eye colors with glimmers of gold and green, and so much more will have others in awe. Lime Crime’s unique line has really changed the face of the industry, and allows others to express themselves through beautiful, bold color, thanks to Doe Deere.

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