Doe Deere Shakes Up Fashion

Doe Deere has created a makeup line that has revolutionized the way that we wear makeup. Her line specializes in bright vibrant colors that bring out the beauty in everyone. Lime Crime is quickly spreading all over the world as people discover the wonderful pigmented shades that make this brand so unique. It’s hard to go to a store and get a lime green lipstick that actually looks lime green and isn’t some kind of a gloss that only gives you a hint of color.

Doe Deere is also an entrepreneur. She had a dream of making a makeup line that was truly her. She started out young playing with her mother’s makeup and then moving on to her own. She felt that certain ways of being dressed demanded beautiful colors on her face as well as her body. This is why she created Lime Crime. So everyone could explore and enjoy her love of bright vibrant colors. It’s no wonder she’s been as successful as she is. Since releasing Lime Crime, which started as an Etsy site, her brand has gone global. People all over are flocking to her site to purchase these beautiful cosmetics because they do have a dream filled with color.

Doe supports our want to be ourselves and be as different as we want to be. She doesn’t think that we should have to follow fashion rules because fashion is the choice of the individual. You can make everything you wear as personal to you as possible and it shouldn’t be some rule for you to follow. She encourages us to express ourselves through whatever clothing or makeup makes us feel pretty. She had a very simple dream; make a makeup line that isn’t based on what’s popular, but rather the freedom of self expression.

Doe also urges us to take the idea behind her makeup line and bring it into everything to do with our fashion and how we see ourselves. There is no reason we can’t mix patterns, have to have normal hair color, or must dress our age. Each and every one of us has a right to dress and make ourselves up how we feel best expresses us. Lime Crime just helps us along the way to this freedom of expression. The line is also animal cruelty free, so we can look great and feel great about doing it at the same time. Doe is truly an inspiration to up and coming entrepreneurs giving the message that you can make it, even if your idea doesn’t follow what is “normally” acceptable.

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  • Roland Kent
    November 16, 2016 - 12:41 pm | Permalink

    Her line allows us to wear what feels right in the moment and not what is just socially acceptable. With shades like this, it’s no wonder why Doe Deere and her line have become so popular, so fast. It so welcoming that Top-Writers-Reviews still do know what to do about the stuff.

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