Dick DeVos and His Life in Flight, Business, and Politics

Dick DeVos will have his hands full working in an aviation division of the Department of Transportation. This team is a council of individuals that know flight and business. DeVos has substantial experience in both of these areas.


He has worked at the Grand Rapids Airport, and during his time there, he successfully negotiated contracts that brought in new airlines. His techniques were not run-of-the-mill, but they did the trick. The results gave the citizens of Grand Rapids more flight choices, which meant better pricing and more destinations.


When it comes to business, Dick DeVos has been on the ground floor of innovative operations that cover everything from alcohol to water. He has worked as a CEO for the Amway Corporation. His parents have been involved with Amway since the company’s inception.


Another branch of flight that he has successfully ventured into is education. Dick DeVos constructed a high school that teaches teenagers the technical skills needed to become a pilot or enter careers in the aviation industry. This charter school operates inside of a building located at an airport. Dick DeVos is a pilot, and because of his love of flying, he wanted to give young people the opportunity to learn this craft. This specialty school encourages kids to study this lucrative field.


Inside the FAA, Dick DeVos will sit next to other pilots and aviation masters. The team will scrutinize existing flight regulations and recommend changes and additions to the official program. DeVos will be sitting with retired personnel and active business people. This cross-section of leaders will be responsible for many of the aviation standards set in the United States.


Dick DeVos is also a philanthropist. Through his family’s foundation, he has donated money to hospitals and art centers. He is married to Betsy DeVos, and they both are prominent conservatives.