Desiree Perez Announces Cutting Edge Classes for Roc Nation School

The Roc Nation School of Music, Sports, and Entertainment will be opening its’ doors to students for the first time this fall. Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez is announcing exciting new additions to the curriculum and faculty of the school ahead of its’ kickoff.

 A Star-Studded Staff

It’s clear that Desiree Perez and this school are a revolutionary pairing, and she’s got the staff to back it up. Notable musician Sam Newsome, vocalist Colin Levin, and producer 9th Wonder are all on board. Members of the Wieden + Kennedy marketing firm have joined and will be presenting a new program created for the school. The firm is responsible for the “Just Do It” Nike campaign, famous for working with elite clients like The Coca-Cola Company, KFC, Procter & Gamble, and more. Presenters from the ad company will include the Head of Planning, Dr. Marcus Collins; Creative Director, Michael Hagos; Social Copywriter, Courtney O’Donnell; and Filmmaker, Tania Taiwo.

 Next Level Learning

The curriculum Desiree Perez helped to create will include innovative classes and programs designed to give students a leg up in today’s competitive market. The Roc Nation School is all about giving talented students access to the creative tools needed to navigate this industry. Wieden + Kennedy presenters will be leading the Creative Promotion in Media program, slated to launch this upcoming fall 2021 semester. Other classes available include “Nothing is an Accident,” “Hood Marketing 101: How Blackness is Bought,” and “How to be a Good Troublemaker.” These impactful and culturally important classes are perfect examples of what makes this school so uniquely relevant and necessary.